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Frequently Asked Questions

Find below a list of some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding UWC. If you have further questins, please refer to UWC Albania's Facebook page, where we are constantly updating the FAQ list. 

If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQs on this website and on Facebook, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with the National Committee by emailing

Is there an application fee?

No, there is no application fee for applying to a UWC College.

Can I apply if I will be younger than 16 or already 18 on the 1st of September of the starting school year? 

No. Unfortunately UWC regulations state that incoming students need to be in this age range on the first day at UWC due to legal issues. We are not able to accept applications if the student does not fulfil this criterion.

Does the financial situation of the family affect the selection process?

Selection is based solely on the merit and potential of each applicant and the financial situation of the family is not taken into account to determine whether they are selected or not. The process is need-blind.

All of the finalists are solicited to complete a financial information form designed for the UWC Colleges, which has to be submitted in a sealed envelope separately from the other forms and documents that the candidates have to present during the final selection weekend.

These envelopes will be opened only after the selection and ranking of the students that participated in the final selection weekend – which means, the selection committee will have no access to this information until after they have taken a decision and ranked each of the finalists.

The financial information that the selected applicants’ families will provide, will help determine which college each of the students will be chosen for and the type of financial help offered. In order to have access to these scholarships all of the families will have to share this financial information with UWC Albania and the respective UWC College.

Is a scholarship available for all of the UWC places?

No, some UWC colleges do not offer scholarships. Unfortunately we are not able to support all of our successful candidates to the level we would like and the amount of financial assistance offered will, therefore vary depending upon both the family circumstances and the amount of available funds in any given year. In some cases places are offered to successful applicants on a ‘full fees’ basis where families are able to pay or prefer not to provide information for the means testing process.   

The amount of funding support available will always be specified at the same time as a place is offered.

Whilst we appreciate that the cost can often be a major consideration, we would not like anyone to be deterred from applying for financial reasons.  We would urge parents/guardians to explore and discuss all funding options if their child is offered a place.

How are the scholarships towards UWC financed?

Scholarships are in part financed by the schools themselves and in part from the National Committee through donations received from various sources. The financing comes from parents of current students, alumni, philanthropists, corporations, governments and private citizens, both at the national and international level.

What do the scholarships for Albanian students consist of?

Full scholarships consist of tuition, boarding in school, books and food 100%. Scholarships do not include the cost of transport to school and the student’s personal expenses.

Sometimes at its discretion a college might also fund the student’s travel costs. However, in some cases there are only partial scholarships available.

What kind of contribution is solicited from the parents of the students on scholarship?

The scholarship students are selected exclusively on the basis of personal merit. Only in a second phase the parents are invited to contribute and support the movement based on their means. For example, a parent might make a donation equal to the cost of the scholarly expenses that they would have had to sustain in the case their son/daughter would have stayed to study in Albania.

In certain cases only partial scholarships will be offered which means that parents will have to contribute the remaining balance. Under any circumstance under the family’s charge fall all of the medical insurance costs, clothing, articles of personal hygiene and extra expenses the student might want to make. Additionally costs of passport issuance and visa application if applicable also fall under the family’s charge.

What is the maximum yearly cost for a UWC place?

The UWCs have varying costs that can be between EUR 14,000 to EUR 32,000 for one school year, assuming there is no funding available (the offer is "unfunded"). However, several UWCs offer partial scholarships which would mean there will be a lower cost.

The most recent fee levels for all the UWCs can be found on each college website.

What happens if the student is offered a partial or unfunded studentship but the family cannot pay the amount requested. Can UWC Albania find alternative funding?

The Selection Committee attempts to match the selected finalists to the offers available based on their financial need. However, if the family is unable to accept the offer and cover the required amount, the National Committee of UWC Albania is not able to secure alternative funding or fundraise for the selected applicant. Should the applicant choose to fundraise for him or herself, we are happy to provide supporting recommendation letters. Due to UWC regulations, we are unable to recommend a selected applicant to UWC without having evidence that the family has the funds available to cover all the required costs for both years of study.